Vince Wolfe


Vince grew up in the Bay area, mostly Concord CA. He went to Ygnacio Valley High School, then UC Davis for his BA and CSUS for his Master’s. In his pre-educational leader days, he worked in environmental restoration, landscaping, but mostly worked in construction. He has two children ages 8 and 6, and is passionate about Irish music, Hiking and MMA. He has been at the Met since 2004.

Chris Chu


“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world”—CS Lewis


Chris grew up in San Francisco. He got his bachelors from UC Davis. He worked doing research at UC Davis.   Chris is an avid maker, gardener and baker of fine sourdough bread. He has been at the Met since 2008.


Eliazar De La Cruz

Senior Social Sciences and administrator in charge of Discipline

Eliazar grew up in Wastonville, CA., where he attended high school. He went to three colleges, finally completing his BA at Sac State.   He has worked in the fields around Salinas, been a custodian, salesman, EOP peer advisor and professional muralist. He has one daughter aged 12 and his passion is Danza Azteca, which he teaches here at the Met. He got into education to decrease the drop out rate and increase college acceptance rate among people of color. He has been at the Met since 2004.


Patrick Dunn

Social Sciences

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”


Patrick grew up in Millbrae and Galt. He went to Galt HS, Consumnes River College and Sac State. He has worked in advertisement and at Fedex. He’s a fan of all sports and classic movies. He chose teaching as a career because he had a history of teachers who seemed to be working just for a paycheck and this motivated him to get involved in education. He started at the Met in 2016.

Manuel Favela

Social Science and English

Manny grew up in Sacramento and attended both SCC and UC Riverside where he earned his BA. Manuel worked a series of jobs in fast food then wrote essays for college students and worked for Project X-Men educating students at Juvenile hall. Manny started in 2015.

Peter Flores (PJ)


“It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” George Carlin

PJ grew up primarily in Texas and Washington state. He got his BA from Texas A&M University. PJ has worked as a lifeguard, farmer, fast food cook, warehouse man. He is particularly interested in various sports and viticulture. He has been at the met since 2014.

Xico Gonzalez


Xico was born in Los Angeles. His family then moved back to Mexico. When he was 16 they returned to the United States; Xico finished High School in Scranton Pa. He went to Penn State, then Sac State where he completed undergraduate degrees in Spanish, and then Graduate degree in Art. From there he went the UC Davis and completed his MFA in Art. He has worked as a professor at Sac State and UC Davis. Xico’s main interests are outdoor exploration, art and community organization/activism. He has worked at the Met since 2011. He has a 9 month old daughter.

Kerry Hernandez


Kerry was raised in Sacramento and attended St. Francis HS. She got her BA and teaching credentials at UC San Diego and Masters at Sac State. Kerry worked doing accounts payable and as a YMCA youth leader. She has two small dogs and is interested in Arts and Crafts, reading and exercise. She’s been at the Met since 2014.

Philip Rosoff-Horne


“All that which cannot be spoken must be passed over in silence.” Wittgenstein


Philip grew up in Los Angeles. He got his BA from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, his teacher credential from National University and Masters from Western Governors University. He’s worked at many jobs including, Phlebotomist, Cook, Waiter, College food service manager, door to door sales etc.   He is interested in 16th century vocal and lute music, classical literature, and Tea. He has been at the Met since 2004.

Avis Howard

Office Manager

“Good, Better, Best. Never ever rest til your good becomes your better and your better becomes your best.”

Avis grew up in Texas. Avis has worked in cosmetology. She takes classes at CRC and does volunteer work and community service outside of school.


Monica Hunt


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Einstein

Monica grew up in Los Angeles, Merced and Davis. She attended Wellesley college and earned her master’s from UOP. She has worked as a office manager, barrista, painter, and tutor. She has one child and enjoys various sports and reading. She has been at the Met since 2012.

Priya Jaggi

Social Sciences

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path”—Buddha


Priya was born in Los Angeles, and has lived in Ohio, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and California.   She got her BA at CSUSF and her teaching credential at CSUS. She has worked as a lifeguard, swim instructor, ESL teacher in Thailand, etc.   She particularly likes singing and cooking and yoga. She has taught at the Met since 2015.

Victoria Lemus

LTI Coordinator

Vicky grew up in Broderick (W. Sac). She went to SCC where she earned her AA and then on to CSUS where she has earned her BA in Spanish, MA in Spanish and MS in Counseling. Vicky has worked selling shoes at Macy’s, and in education. She has a new daughter, 9 months old. In her spare time, she hikes, cooks and hosts foreign film showings in her house for friends. Vicky has been at the Met since 2005.

Hasan McWhorter

Social Science

Mac grew up in Compton CA.   He earned his BA and MA from CSUS.   Before teaching kids, he worked in construction, security, and as a package handler, among other things.   He has six kids from ages 7-27.   Outside of school he works as a chaplain at Juvenile hall, and likes to write and bike ride. He got into teaching to educate rather than indoctrinate young minds.

Mac has worked at the Met since 2010.

Sean Melby

English and Social Sciences

“It’s not always kind to be gentle and soft, there’s a genuine violence that softness and kindness visit on people. Sometimes self-interested is the most generous thing you can be.” Tony Kushner


Sean grew up in Ohio and in Sacramento. He attended ARC, UC Davis, and CSUS where he earned his BA. He has worked as a barista and a leasing consultant. Sean is particularly interested in playing Magic the gathering, and Sim city. He entered the teaching profession because he realized in college that his high school English teachers had not served him and he wanted to make sure kids were prepared for College.   Sean started at the Met in 2016.

Jed Miller


Jed grew up in San Mateo, CA.   He attended the college of San Mateo, St. John’s college in Santa Fe and finally earned his BA at UC Davis.   He has worked construction, pizza delivery, and at a Deli. He has two kids aged 8 and 6. In his spare time he likes to bake bread, coach and ski. He began teaching as a way to have summers off to spend quality time with his family. Jed started at the Met in 2016.

Pat Reilly

Social Science

Pat grew up in White Plains NY. He earned his BS from Cal Poly and then his Master’s from National University.   He’s worked as a truck driver, busboy, and lifeguard. He has one child. His passions are music and snowboarding. He likes helping kids achieve their goals. He has worked at the Met since 2007.

Cressie Ross


Cressie has worked at the Met since 2008. She has had a catering business since 2007.

Grace Yates


Grace was raised in the Bay area, particularly Mill Valley. She received her BS from Davis, and her Masters and Admin credential from CSUS. Grace has worked at a movie theater, a plant nursery, and as a tutor and a cashier.   She has two children and likes to run and garden and read when not working. She became a teacher to help kids and for the always changing and varied work. Grace has worked at the Met since 2005.


Alonzo White III

Plant Manager

Alonzo grew up in Oakland and Los Angeles.  He went to NTC college for 2 years in Los Angeles where he learned to repair computers and printers.  He likes to hang out with this extended family when not at work.  He has bee at the Met since 2015.