School Culture

When visitors spend time on our campus they often report that we have a strong familial culture of respect and care that is rarely found at other high schools.  There are several reasons for this.  First, our students work two days a week at internships in the community.  At their internships, students work with adults as respected colleagues in professional settings.  When they come to school, then, they bring this same attitude of professionalism to their work in the classroom and on the school campus.

Teachers are addressed by first name at the Met.  They do not demand respect as structural authority figures.  Rather, the idea is that true respect comes through authentic relationships.  Most teachers feel that the students are their colleagues, all working together to further an individual student’s educational process and goals.  This attitude breeds a relaxed yet professional and highly serious academic culture.

In addition to these indefineables, at the Met we have various extracurricular activities available to students which help to build a broader culture.  The students have organized various clubs such as Black Student Union, MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan), Gay Student Union, the Outdoor club,  the Christian club, and the gardening club.  We play intramural sports with the other small high schools, including Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Flag Football.  And, every year we celebrate Black History Month, Cinco de Mayo; but our largest event is the Mentor Celebration luncheon where we honor the adults in the community who support our students and our program.