Internship Central

We work with students to help them explore their interests. A key part of their school experience is to go on shadow days at local organizations and businesses. A shadow day is a one day visit to learn about the profession.  If the shadow day is a match for the student and mentor (host), an internship is secured.

Since 2003 our students have gone on thousands of shadow days and have had thousands of internships. During these experiences, they are fully covered by the Sacramento City Unified School District’s insurance policy.

Each student requests shadow day sites based on individual interests. By learning first-hand from an adult who has the same interest and is engaged in a related career, the student has the opportunity to experience learning in a meaningful way. Students will arrive at the shadow site prepared with questions or ideas of what they’d like to learn that day.

Career Pathways

All career pathways are offered at the Met. While many times students stay on the same pathway throughout their high school career, many decide to explore other pathways.  Typically, a student will have 1 internship per year, sometimes 2.  As for *shadow days, students on average explore 8 sites per year.  That is a total of up to 40 careers a Met student would have possibly explored through hands-on experience by the end of his/her academic career.

Pathways explored include the following:

Agriculture and Natural Resources



Athletics and Martial Arts

Automotive and Transportation

Community Development

Business, Management and Administration


Government and Politics

Health Science

Hospitality/Tourism/Event Planning

Law and Public Safety

Marketing, Sales and Service

Media and Information Technology

Science and Technology

Social Services

Our mentors include, but aren’t limited to, the following professions:









Laboratory Scientists

Rocket Scientists



Graphic Designers

Assembly members

Small business owners

Retail Managers


Directors of not for profit organizations


Real Estate Agents


Dog Trainers

Internship Process and How to Become a Mentor


Shadow Day

Each student requests shadow day sites based on individual interests. By learning first-hand from an adult who has the same interest and is engaged in a related career, the student has the opportunity to experience learning in a meaningful way. A shadow day can be scheduled for any Tuesday or Thursday, from 4 hours to 6 hours, depending on your availability.  Please note that the Sacramento City Unified School District takes on liability for the student; it is like a day at school, only it is at your site.  A copy of a letter from SCUSD can be provided prior to the shadow day.

Post Shadow Day

After the shadow day, you can decide whether or not you would like the student to return as an intern.  The student would also make a decision to return or not to return.  If you decide yes, the student’s advisor will contact you to schedule an internship set-up meeting.  You may also decide that it is not quite the right fit.  In that case, you can decide to have another student shadow, or opt out of having any further shadow students.


An internship lasts anywhere from one semester to a full academic year, sometimes even longer depending on project work and interest.  The internship days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 1/2 hours per day.  Liability falls on the SCUSD, and a letter can be provided.

Internship Set-up

The advisor will contact you to schedule a day and time to meet, a Tuesday or Thursday at your convenience.  Both the mentor and the student are to be present at the meeting.  In addition to completing the paperwork, the time of the internship, objectives, expectations, etc. will all be decided and disclosed at the meeting.

Internship Objective

The objective is for the student intern to work on professional development, and “real-world” projects.  The breakdown would be 40/40/20:  40% daily tasks and professional development, 40% project work, and 20% “grunt work.”  The student intern is there to make things “easier” on the mentor, not to add work.  The mentor should consider having the student work on a project that is beneficial to the site.  In addition, the student’s interest should also be considered.  This will allow for accountability and investment by both parties.  At the end of every quarter, the student will present his/her internship work at an exhibition.  You, as the mentor, will be invited to attend.  Feedback is given to the student by his/her peers, advisor, and by you (the mentor).


The advisor will be the point of contact.  The advisor will check-in at least once a month by visiting your site, calling you, or communicating through email.  The advisor will share his/her cell phone number, in case you need to get in touch.  Attendance is taken every Thursday, by filling out a convenient Google form that is sent to your email.