Victoria Lemus

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Why did you get into teaching?

This is where I wish I had some inspirational words to share, but I don't. I really just enjoyed my majors in college, so much that I thought, "I'd love to teach this for a living." In my Spanish 2 class, I try to create an environment that takes my students back to elementary school. As Internship Coordinator, I encourage students to explore and experience different career fields, careers they never thought about. The way I see it, I get paid to teach others what I love. I don't think it gets any better than that.  

About Victoria Lemus

I began my tenure at the Met Sacramento High School in the fall of 2005. I served as an advisor and Spanish teacher for six of those years, and as a Spanish teacher and Learning Through Internship Coordinator (LTIC) thereafter. I hold a MA in Spanish, and a MS in Counseling (specializing in Career). In addition to working at the Met Sacramento, I am also part of the adjunct Counseling team at Sacramento City College, and also work as a Career Consultant where I am able to share my expertise through career workshops and trainings in the Sacramento area.

During my leisure time, I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, making delicious food, and attending cultural events.

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