Advisory Structure

The advisory is the center and core of the Met program.  Freshman year, the entering class stays together, all 75-100 of them, for 1-2 weeks, working with 3-4 prospective teachers.  At the end of the time, each individual student petitions to be with one of the teachers.  This is a big decision because, by this choice, this student will be with this teacher for the next four formative years of their lives. Not all students get their first choice of teacher, but in general, most do.  And, we do not allow movement between advisories (except in very rare and unique cases).  So, for better or worse, that student and that teacher and that group of 20-25 students will spend the majority of each day together for the next four years.

Each advisory forms its own culture and each is unique, based on that particular mix of teacher and student personalities.  And together, like a family, they study, work together on projects, fight, go on outings and field trips, and confide and care for one another.  The bonds formed are strong.  Adolescence is often a difficult time and Met advisory mates build a strong support group that often lasts long after graduation.  One small group of students from the same advisory in the original graduating class still live together 10 years later.